Access our reach to build awareness for your products or brands. We tailor an advertising plan based on your budget to reach a focused audience that fits your needs. Our social media audience network is led by the millennial-centric MTL Blurb, and flanked by the more general audience of


Build brand or product awareness with wide reach. Reaching all available audiences, currently we offer title (general), clothing, and food/beverage sponsorship. Sponsoring moCore will allow you access to all existing and upcoming content and put you first in line for placements. More of a commitment for both parties, with a term length sponsorship we will grow together. For more specific needs, or a particular budget, we will tailor the sponsorship agreement to target market segments.

Exclusivity is available as an option, and sponsorships are subject to availability and competitive considerations.

Dedicated Content

Generate leads, sales, and product knowledge. Specifically tailored to your niche, we generate a piece (or more) of content to distribute on our networks. Integrating our style with your brand, they attract the audience with a format they are used to, while clearly communicating your intended message.