moCore is a boutique media agency located in Montreal specialized in catering content to the people. We create engaging content responsibly, resulting in sustainable benefits for our clients.

The RESPONSIBILITY is ours. We officially incorporated our existing Montreal videography service in late 2015 with a goal of social responsibility, and to ensure a quality of local content which was simply not being delivered. We found that even when the content was there, it was drowned out by creators using clickbait titles and tabloid tactics. Starting with the local blog scene, we turned our videography and design talents towards creating a brand (MTL Blurb) where millennial Montrealers could absorb the style of content they love while still getting a message across to elicit discussion.

Ensuring SUSTAINABILITY is our goal, starting at the grassroots. We work with local artists and creators to develop their talent to help realize their career. In turn, moCore is able to develop a stable of loyal creators who are always ready to contribute to our projects, and yours.

Protecting the media FUTURE. Protecting our industry and platforms from destructive tendencies ends up protecting our clients by ensuring a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with our audience. Unfortunately, the reality is that most content these days is made up of many creators’ work without any credit or remuneration. Whether it be the “churnalism” in reporting news or events, re-producing other outlets’ content, or using baiting methods, we will not participate. At moCore we ensure that all our content is created in-house or commissioned responsibly, and if at any time we do use others’ work it is credited and used under the terms of fair use. This ensures there be no legal surprises or viewer backlash with the content we create for our customers, all while supporting the hardworking creator community. The relationship and trust that results with our viewers makes efficient communication with the audience easy; making it simple to get your name or product out.

Are YOU with us? Whether you’re an artist, creator, advertiser, brand, or individual we have a place for you at moCore.