Depending on your needs we will produce engaging advertisements, web series, shows, or informative capsules to tell the story that generates organic interest.

Our Staple

This is where we started, and is what continues to be our “core” competency. Using techniques developed from years of work in the field, combined with utilizing the latest camera technologies, we are able to capture real stories and feelings few others can replicate. That ingenuity, creativity, and talent is reflected in work that often surpasses the quality and reach of productions with much higher budgets.


Starting right away on any project, we are looking to find the story or thread that will resonate with the target. During conception and development, we work closely with our client or partner to understand exactly what the intentions are and to find that thread. That initial investigation gives us the base to go out and capture or create the moments required to get that point across.


Once the concept is decided and a path chosen, your production starts. During pre-production we meticulously plan the elements that make the shoot possible including scouting locations, script development, and sourcing talent. To get the shots we need, our camera crew works in (almost) any environment and adopts any style. Meaning we can shoot in a lit studio just as well as in a dark club, and just as well with a scripted as with a doc style. And finally, during post-production, the meticulous work of editing down the footage is started. Along with the hours of editing, the team selects or creates the music and effects while graphic artists conceptualize and create the titles, transitions and effects that give that final polish to the finished product.


Depending on needs we can distribute content on either of our growing networks; MTL Blurb, or


For weddings, events, and promotional material, check out our videography services at the core of all our work;